Fontaines D.C. have unveiled new track “Televised Mind”

If there was any insecurity around the second album challenge, Fontaines D.C. now navigates much safer waters with the release of the singles from “A Hero’s Death“. The album is scheduled for July 31st, but today we had another hint of what to expect with “Televised Mind”.

Frontman Grian Chatten points Prodigy and The Brian Jonestown Massacre as musical influences, more specifically the song “Open Heart Surgery”, but we can’t deny how Public Image Ltd. and other British post-punk acts from the same period seem to find their way through both words and music with this new material.

“This song is about the echo chamber, and how personality gets stripped away by surrounding approval. People’s opinions get reinforced by constant agreement, and we’re robbed of our ability to feel wrong. We’re never really given the education of our own fallibility. People feign these great beliefs in order to appear trendy, as opposed to independently arriving at their own thoughts.” – Grian Chatten

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