Samba meets pop in Antínoo’s work

There’s nothing sacred about Brazilian’s Antínoo – except, of course, for his name, based on the Roman god. It’s the other way around. “Exaltação”, his first single, explores intrinsically human themes.

São Paulo-based artist, Antínoo got his degree in popular music. He chose to return to his roots, delving into MPB to create his own sound. So far, a mix between samba and pop music.

“Exaltação” is the first release from his EP “O Sol Nasceu Pra Todos”. There, he sings about a relationship that didn’t end up that well.

“Unlike most of my songs, in which I write lyrics first, and then find the melody according to semantics, prosody, and rhythm, the melody came before the text and I filled it with words that could translate this feeling of breakthrough”, he explains.

The lyric video has the same ironic tone in its visual language, paying tribute to the work of designers such as Alex Steinweiss, Saul Bass, Rogério Duarte, and the Memphis Group.

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