Olivier Clerc just leveled up with his first EP

I might not be Emily in Paris, but lately, I’ve been giving more and more chances to the French music scene. And one of these discoveries is the self-taught Olivier Clerc, who releases his first EP Kids Doing Music today.

Evoking the sound of the late ’80s and early ’90s, you know immediately what Arkanoid came for. It’s a pop song that hints at arcade games – starting, of course, by its names.

This is actually the most pop and commercial song from the whole EP. From there, we embark on textures designed by synths and experimentations, immersing in the influences of classical EDM and French artists like Kavinsky, Daft Punk, and Justice.

Everything is built with a very unique identity, made for the dancefloor. Too bad it’ll still take a few months before we can actually do that.

Another (personal) highlight of this EP, which has seven tracks, is the fast and dark “Moon of the Wolf“. Check the full EP below:

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