Exclusive playlist: Dova Lewis and the influences of her new EP

A while ago, I wrote about Dova Lewis here, a Canadian who explored jazz and French chanson before surrendering herself to 2000’s indie bands. At the time, she had just released “Lie”, the first single from her four-track EP.

The self-titled album brings all its power in tracks ranging from the explosive Lie to the ballad accompanied by the piano that takes form in California. It certainly reminds us of names like Florence Welch and Tori Amos.

The whole creative process of this album involves collective experiences, from a period in a Hawaiian rainforest with other artists to a creative housing community in Los Angeles. Darryl Swan, who already worked with Erykah Badu and Macy Gray, co-produced this EP and helped Dova really tap into the intensity of her voice.

Openly feminist, she shared with us some of the songs that were on repeat while writing this first EP. You can expect all the vulnerability of Daughter and even Metric questioning the lack of fight for women equality. Check it out.

Glass – Bat for Lashes

“To be made of glass” is a really powerful line. Every sensitive person will resonate with these lyrics. I absolutely love this complex  hybrid of fragile crystal pure vocals sang over a tribal drum beat.

Incomplete kisses – Sampha

To me this song is about missing on opportunities to connect and being vulnerable with someone. Often, the fear of abandonment makes us put up walls and we end up with a lot of incomplete kisses and missed stories. I can relate to this universal theme.

Home – Daughter

I have been told that my single “Lie” has a lot of similarities to this song. Both songs start with a guitar riff and have drum stick sounds, harmonies and a lot of reverb. As for the theme of the song, it portrays very well the feeling of wanting to go home when things do not feel right  for us anymore.

sad day – FKA twigs

A whispered voice singing about nostalgically going through the same day over and over again moves me. In this covid era,  time seems to have stopped and it feels like we are running in circles. As she says in this song,  sadness can push people away but we all hope for love.

Waste of time – Mø

There is something very hypnotic in Mø’s first album. Her vocals are raw and full of soul at the same time.  She has a way to write amazing pop with a dark vibe and a unique sound design. Obviously for the lyrics, I can totally relate to this subject. Who has never felt like they wasted their time over someone who broke their heart?

Glass ceiling – Metric

I highly resonate with this song which is about the lack of fight for women equality and the risk we all need to take to obtain it. The song was written fifteen years  ago and we still have a long way to go. It is absurd that certain countries still do not allow girls to go to school, to get equal pay to vote and to have access to abortion.

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