No Lie: Dova Lewis is the name you should keep on your radar

Today is the official release of “Lie”, a single that leads to the new EP from the up and coming Canadian Dova Lewis. And although I naturally tend to listen and connect to music written by other women, this one hit differently.

For those who are into comparisons, the first one that comes to mind is (the one and only) Florence Welch – pretty much because of her alternative indie-pop sound. But you might add to it her songwriting skills. Lie is raw, brutally honest, and has this intensity that only comes with self-trust and knowledge.

This is probably also due to training. In her early twenties, Dova studied Jazz singing and composition, as well as French chanson writing. But she felt at ease at the piano, creating solos for original songs inspired by the 2000’s indie generation.

This first EP is born after immersion in a community in Hawaii. Co-produced by Darryl Swan (Macy Gray, Erykah Badu), it will feature four tracks. And if they follow Lie’s lead, we can barely wait to see what’s next.

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